Fondberg & Wincent


Det mänskliga  post-digitala arbetet


What would happen if suddenly you would wake up in the morning and everything would be gone? Your mobile phone, Ipads, computers. Lets say a natural disaster would wipe out internet, or a hacker would spread a global virus that would destroy our social media platforms. Would you go crazy, feel panic or empty. Maybe you would start climbing the walls, at least at the beginning. Could you imagine a life without technology, how would you perform work, how would you spend time with your children? How would you relate to your partner? How would you fill the hours that you earlier spend hours on your phone…. Patrik imagines you would have to deconstruct your life and how you perform your working hours, at home, with your partner and children. Patrik Wincent is a therapist and the founder of Swedens leading ER center that specialises in internet addiction. This is what he will be talking about. Patrik Wincent is an authorized therapist, he is a coach, a writer of five books such as "the digital drug", "Nomophobia" and the "digital babysitter" amongst others. A lecturer and spoken word artist. Patrik Wincent comes from Sweden, Stockholm and is the founder of "Fondberg & Wincent", a company with the main focus of offering counsel to people and companies who are dealing with digital stress and to offer education in how to prevent and recognize digital stress. Patrik Wincent is also the host of the popular tv program "Lyxfällan", also founder of "Dataspelsakuten", a company which is similar to Internetakuten, but deals with people who arestruggling with video gaming addiction. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

patrik forsberg